Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Cake Table Decoration Ideas

I was working on another wedding planners website today.. and she was asking about ideas for 48″ round table ideas for a setup she’s doing in a store.. and I started looking through all the cake and sweetheart tables and thought.. I havent done a blog yet on cake table decoration ideas.. so here it is my top favorite cake table setups.

When I first started doing complete packages I would let the bride pick there own cake table decorations because I was doing all the other decor.. but I kept noticing the cake always seemed like an afterthought for the decor..or the colors wouldnt match.. or they would get cakes that were cheap and it would make our decor look bad..  and its such a big part of the wedding day and sometimes my brides would be paying an arm and a leg for the cake and the setup around didnt do it justice.. so at one point in the business I said if the client got the Reception decor designed by us it was now required for her to also get the wedding cake setup and cake designed by us.. and then I would design the cake with a cake artist here in Nashville and I would create another gorgeous focal point now with the cakes instead of an afterthought.. and the guests and the brides loved it.. so I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the years with setting up the cake area.. and all these setups were designed and setup by me. These are not ideas taken from others works.. so I know exactly what worked from these pictures and what did not..

The Puffy Barrel Linen

One of the easiest things that changed my life was when I went from spending an hour to 2 on draping the table to about 60 seconds when I discovered this linen.  You can purchase these online as table skirts and then get the matching regular linen for the top or you can just purchase the whole linen to be custom made in whatever kind of fabric you want and size. I only used 48″ round tables for cakes.. I think 60″ rounds are too big for the look unless you have a super ginormous cake. so I would get the linens custom made to fit the 48″ rounds either in iridescent fabric (which is what is pictured above) or satin.. which satin looks poofier and I love the look of it.. but the only thing was after I washed it the satin is a pain to try to steam or iron and the iridescent fabric I didnt have to do anything with it.. thus I ended up liking the iridescent ones best!

Peacock Feather Cake Background

This was another of my favorite cakes we did. I got a very sturdy piece of green foam and I think about 500 peacock feathers and 500 swords to create the luscious backdrop.

Since the cake was only white and embossed with peacock feathers this is what we decided to do.. but I also gave it another layer of dimension by installing a blue pin spot light shining straight down..

Using Simple Backdrop and a GOBO light

This bride wanted a simple stunning ivory cake with faux fondant pearls and a single fondant flower. She didnt want a lot of other color around it.. so what I decided to do was a white backdrop with curtains and string lights.. ( We have a training video to download on how to do this)  and then to give everything texture we shone a GOBO on it and blurred it up a bit (got a video on gobo lights also)  This made it stunning without too much additional work

The chuppah with draping around the cake

This is probably still one of my favorite wedding cake setups.. I knew she wanted everything gold and red and that we were using roses. For the table itself I used about 200 silk roses and then about 100 black magic fresh roses on top of the silk to give it the illusion of using 300 fresh flowers..  I used 2 linens and the top linen just bunched it up and put rubber bands around it then I used the same fabric chair ties to hang the ties down..

The chuppah was what I loved.. after we had the backdrop up with the satin fabrics and the basic chuppah done (yes we have a video on how to do this too) I was staring at it and suddenly I said I have a great idea! lets float silk red flower petals from the ceiling.. my crew looked at me with the weird what is she talking about look.. I grabbed some fishing line and a needle and within about 2 hours I created the hanging petal strings.. then I sewed on the edge of one side of the chuppah … put my needle through the top petal of each string the sewed to the opposite side of the chuppah.. and after I was done the petals seemed to be floating in the air.. ahhhh loved that one!

The Chuptagon

The Chuptahgon is a made up word by me.. chuppah has 4 poles.. this one has 5.

I came up with this idea actually at a workshop where I teach hands on how to do everything we do.  And during the workshop I said.. lets do 5 poles instead of 4 and create a circular type setup.

I draped just like a chuppah except I also did a backdrop on most..  This was awesome to use when you NEEDED to take up space.

The above one I draped with white fabric and used hot pink and black chair ties and hand sewn latex orchids hanging down each pole.. then used a little spotlight to shine up each pole.

This setup is the most dramatic.. Heres a few more pictures of the same ideas

I’m not a peach fan but this was the colors the bride chose. This was in a gym and needed a big center focal point since this bride was not going to have a dance floor.

So I bought 300 yards of a dark peach and a light peach, I used it on the chuptahgon and the wedding cake table accented with all silk flowers and greenery.

The was another chuptagon that I wanted to be a focal point in the front corner of a large space.  I used many many chair ties that were made out of the same fabric as the table linens and silk red rose flower balls with hand sewn red silk petals hanging down the poles.. I think I raised these poles to about 12 foot.. I also created those flower things on the poles the night before and wired them to door knockers so I could easily and quickly just sit them ontop the pole..

So those are some of my favorite setups.. I could show you hundreds of pictures of what we did in 10 years.. but I built them all off 1 of these techniques. Again make sure to download the videos if you want to know how to do table draping, wall draping, lighting, linens and more!

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