Chuppah. Aisle, Tunnel and Entry Draping

This set of training videos shows you a completely different way to use the products that we used and taught you how to use in the wall draping series..

You can use those exact products and create some focal points for areas that are breathtaking.

 Chuppahs for Ceremonies:


 Chuppahs and “Chupptagons” For Wedding Cake Focal Points:


Aisle Draping

aisle drape

Entry Tunnels (These are so great to use for a dramatic entry if you have a large area that you are needing to take up some space)


 Some Entry Drapesentry

Training Videos are step by step and can be viewed on your computer, smart phone and tablet

Access to The Chuppah, Aisle Drape, Tunnel and Entry Draping Training Videos for Members Only

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