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Wall Draping

Simply by using wall drape you can completely transform any room. It makes the room feel soft and romantic.
These wall draping training videos will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of wall draping, How to do a curtained drape, How to double a double drape and how to create a double swag backdrop..
If its about wall draping or backdrops we will add it here.
We take you step by step through the hardware and how it works and why you might choose to buy one type of hardware over another. We show you how to figure out the yardage and what type of fabric you might like to choose. And why certain fabrics work better.   These videos are great videos in learning wall draping!
-Basic Wall Draping
-Curtained Wall Draping
-Double Layered Wall Drape
-Double Swag Wall Drape
Here are some before and after pictures of locations that were totally transformed with just wall draping:
A tavern transformed into a ceremony simple by draping the walls
wall drape 3
A basic location softened with basic wall drape that went up to the ceiling and uplighting
wall drape 4
A childrens church completely transformed into a breathtaking ballroom with wall and ceiling drape and lighting
wall drape 5
A large gym made into a romantic winter wonderland through wall and ceiling draping and blue lighting and icicle lights
wall draping 2
Examples of the double drape and curtained drape setups:
wall drape 1
Example of the Double Swag
wall drape 6

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