Ceiling Draping

Ceiling Draping has got to be one of the most requested products that we did.  There are so many different ways to drape depending on the type of ceiling and we are always coming across new ways to drape and creating more videos.. but ceiling draping is probably the most difficult to do if your going to customize fit the drape into each location. As a Bride draping a lot of times I would hear.. well we will just get our bridesmaids to drape it the night before.. and without knowing how to do draping.. the next day I would arrive at the wedding and low and beholding no draping!  This is because there is a technique to learn! Because it is difficult and takes quite a bit of product depending on style your doing, this will also make you money as an event decorator! Are You Ready for a Challenge! This is a long video and sometimes if your connection is not very fast it will not download so right now this video is only available with the all access ceiling draping only membeship! Text Wendy if you have any questions. 615-967-1793 — See More Detailed Description Below


This video is 1 hour and 28 minutes long

Jeremy is teaching the ceiling draping  technique to a group of people at one of our private workshops.

Basic Structures of Ceiling and How to attach draping: Open Ceiling, Drop Ceiling and A Finished Ceiling

Star Shaped Draping, Arm Draping, and Fully Covered Ceiling

How to Gather up the fabric, what tools and products to use to secure it and how to attach it.

Takes you through each hardware used to do cabeling – how to anchor it

Then Jeremy takes you in an actual space and shows actual draping to the workshop group. How to measure and figure out how much material you need.

How to store the fabric, what lengths we cut the fabric and tips on the fabric

Scaffolding information

How a 2 person crew can install the ceiling

He shows you how to do the swag from side to side of the room

Shows how to set up the star shaped ceiling and saves you a ton of time with the pre work before even installing it on the celing

Once you buy any of the ceiling draping videos you can also get email help with specifics on your specific ceiling that your thinking of draping.

Thank you for purchasing this video!

More Ceiling Videos will be posted soon!

Coming Soon – Super Easy Way to drape a drop down ceiling!

Here are several different ceilings that we did. I call them the fully covered ceilings, the arm drape and the star ceilings. You'll learn in this video what it takes to do all of these. But remember every ceiling is different on what structure is there to attach it to. Also I would recommend purchasing the wholesale list - It has the wholesale places for pipe setups, fabric and lighting And Dont forget to subscribe to our The Insider Newsletter - Every Month it has different wholesale information!

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