NEW! Ceiling Draping (In A Gym, Ring System and Additional Hardware)

All Access – Ceiling Draping – Gym location / Ring Design

This video was filmed during the actual setup of a wedding in a church gym. Using a ring design / kit and then us adding the right hardware to make it work for this gym

Everything you see besides the ring and fabric  can be purchased from local hardware store as see on the video

Event pro training - web2Ceiling Draping in Memphis TN (914 of 16)


The video is approx 25 minutes long and in HD quality and in this video we have a lift and we are showing you exactly what you see above.. how to install the lighting.. how to raise it.. what to use..

if you have any questions before or after you buy you can text me at 615-967-1793

After you purchase you will be asked to create a user name and password.  You will use this to log back into Event Pro Training (log in, is in the left hand top corner of the website)  After you log in. Go under the All Access – Gym, Ring System link and you will then be able to view the video there.. all our ceiling videos are too long to download so this is the system we use, so you do not have to download. It will be available for viewing immediately  after purchase.


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