Aisle Draping

I love creating a dramatic aisle actually more than the dramatic platform area.. Here are some ways we used draping down an aisle to decorate a Ceremony

This aisle had full draping down the aisle with silk and latex flower arrangements at each connection point, uplighting and around 80,000 silk petals on both sides of the aisle runner.
This aisle was approx 50 foot

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training-1-12

another aisle draped with silk flowers and mini peacock feather accent

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training--62

This is what we call our free standing drape. If you have church that has pew chairs this is the drape that you would use.
wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training-1870

This is what we call our unconnected aisle drape. they still have uplighting on each custom pew drape, with the 80,000+ silk petals. Its just a little different on the drape design and a little less expensive than the fully draped.

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training--88

You can really play the with color more when you’ve got the disconnected drape design also.. loved the lilac one below. we added hand strung orchids to each of the flower accents which I think just took it to a different level.

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training--218

Out doors draping is a little more difficult. this drape was wide and pretty until we had to change it because the wind kept picking it up and blowing it over.. after this wedding we started draping with shepard hooks that could be put into the ground and create a more stable frame..

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training--8

Outside using shepard hooks and lanterns with silk arrangements

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training-7928

The draping we used in combination with giant arrangements was actually chair ties connected each arrangement.. but it was enough color and thin enough to not catch the wind and it looked very beautiful. Probably one of my favorite aisles.

wedding decorations - wedding planner - Event Pro Training--153

And here is another wedding that we used 3 plum satin chair ties and silk hydrangeas to accent the ends of each pews.. and because we did every pew the look was great.. this was also a good location to do this because all the pews were at an angle..

purple wedding ideas1-415

So that gives you an idea of our ceremony aisle draping.

We do have training videos on how to accomplish this and we sale the fabrics and petals!  Just fill out the contact form and we would be more than happy to give you quote for us to come decorate and set it up for you or if you would like to set it up yourself we can sale you the complete kit!

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  • Divine Event Planning & Decor

    would you ever consider teaching a few classes in New York? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work.

    • Sure! We just haven’t found the right location to host us yet! The closest class right now is the Washington DC one on Nov 6-8

  • Louise

    Your work is amazing and it has inspired me. You have a special gift. Thank you for sharing.

  • selam

    What type of fabric do you use or recommend for the pew draping?

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