Black and White with Red Kissing Ball Centerpieces

Black and White Reception with Red Giant Kissing Balls

black and white setup- edit - web

We set up a small reception setup, and here is how we did it!  We did a basic swag draping on the ceiling with metal beams, added twinkle light. and then we wanted to create a focal point for the wedding cake.  We setup what you call a 10 foot column cover (These are not posted on our store yet, but we can get them for you).. this is like a round chuppah that only takes 4 uprights instead of 8 uprights needed on curved crossbars to create a circle.  I had pockets in the ends of my black and white draping pieces, put the  round top in these while it was on the floor. The gathered all the material in my hand and zip tied above the chuppah. I had also put in some drop down ceiling wire in between each black and white fabric so i could easily hang chandeliers and flower balls from the center.

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The 4 chandeliers (Which you can buy here) I simply hooked onto the wire going in between each chuppah ceiling drape (drapery was made from the 40 Denier satin – Buy here)  and the 10″ flower balls, I connected each ball by pocking the drop down ceiling wire through the middle, made a hook on the end of the wire and pulled back up through.. that was to hang the flower ball underneath.  – We accented the chuppah with satin dot black and white fabric. we cut a 5 yard piece into 4 strips.  This fabric runs about $60 a yard.. so you want to use it to accent and cover in the best ways possible and least amount of fabric possible.

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We had a 20 foot backdrop on the stage made from the black and white satin dot fabric..We used the black full length iridescent linens for the table linens (no ironing, YAYAYAY!!) ,then we laid out 3 yard pieces of the black and white satin dot fabric and cut about 7″-10″ wide.. and made chair ties that matched.. no sewing and it was stunning. Added a little silk red rose to tied part to create a spot of color on the scrunched spandex white chair cover.

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And I took pictures of the Giant 20″ Kissing Ball (You can buy all sizes and 6 different colors here) with black feather accents all through and then here as pictured above is what the 20″ flower ball looks like on top of our 30″ silver vase (Buy the vase here)!   This centerpiece takes about 30 seconds to put together.. Add in those little voitive holders and petals around the base.. a  SUPER stunning centerpiece that saves you a bazillion hours and gives you the dramatic look you want!  If you want a stunning black and white reception with that dramatic timeless touch of red.. this is a super easy setup that has an extremely great WOW factor!

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