Church Transformation With Draping

Fresh Vision Church – Ceremony

This wedding was on a budget but we needed some dramatic transformations to transform this church from a childrens church to a ceremony and a sanctuary to a reception ballroom.. This is how we did it!

Before and After - Fresh Vision Church 1We had around 100 people guest count and only 2 rooms to work with. normally the church would do the ceremony in the sanctuary and the reception here in the childrens area. I knew 100 people would not fit in this area.. but If I could flip them.. I could see the room transformed in my head.. so I had to really talk with the pastor of the church and explain my idea and how I needed to install hooks to install cabling.. which was at first a hard sale but finally we negotiated a deal that if anything was messed up we would fix it.. after it was done they actually wanted us to leave them. ūüôā So it all worked out well. ¬†This used a LOT of fabric but the finished product was worth every penny.. it was stunning! The Bride and Groom and Families were amazed!

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-10I always think the aisle is such a big part of the decor that most brides will spend more money on the flower arrangements or things on the platform when really the aisle will make a bigger statement. So what I did here was buy a  plum colored aisle runner. The problem was its out of fabric and the floor was very slick.. and so down the whole aisle we had to place non-skid plastic pieces so it wouldnt move.. and I always practice anything new that I have an idea to do way before the wedding.. and if you think you can just create a design and tell your crew how to do it the day of.. well you will sure be in trouble.. so weeks before the wedding.. I laid out the whole aisle runner and I had hundreds of hydrangeas and I would try out several designs.. then go upstairs and look down and see how I liked it.. I changed it several times and then when I finally got it how I wanted it.. as I was taking up the hydrangeas I would use a sharpie and draw on the aisle runner the design.. then on the day of the wedding.. all the crew had to do was follow the lines with silk petals.. we used 80,000 silk white and ivory petals for this aisle.. This was the first wedding I had done this aisle design and after this picture.. I would get lots of requests to do it!

Before and After - Fresh Vision Church 2We changed the Sanctuary to the Reception but we didnt want it to look like a church at at.. so draping again and lighting changed the entire look. ¬†It was not in the budget to do more ceiling draping here.. so we “decorated” the ceiling with a GOBO light!

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-4
Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-5

The cake table we created an entire chuppah from the plum satin the same as the wall curtained drape. Hand sewn orchid streaming down from the corners and a puffy barrel linen under the cake

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-11

This is what the reception looked like with all the lights up.. we used champagne iridescent linens with plum satin crossties.. sometimes the room will get too dark if you use plum everywhere.. so we accented with it to keep the room looking like candle lit!

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-14This is what it looked like when we only used OUR accent lighting.. which was little spotlights on all the large centerpieces and then then cylinder centerpieces had uplighting (not LED) under the vases.. the uplighting on the walls and dance floor was plently of lighting!  We saved a lot of money also because the large centerpieces we used fresh greenery but silk flowers.. and no one could tell it..

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-13Closeup of the cylinder vases with the uplighting (non-LED)  Beautiful and since we didnt use the huge centerpieces on all the tables we saved a lot of money by doing it like this also.

Event Pro Training - Event Pro Training Fresh Vision Transformation-17

One of my favorite things that we did on this wedding.. was all the lighting was purple and spot lighting and when the bride and groom came to dance the first dance.. I had planned this with the DJ beforehand.. I had a smoke machine that I put dry ice in and all my lighting was computer controlled so all the lighting turned blue and all the spotlights went out and the dry ice machine started as they entered.. and when they danced the first dance.. the dry ice will not rise.. so it was like they were dancing on and in a cloud. You could hear the whole room go ahhhhh and wow that it awesome.. and it truly was!!!

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