Country Wedding with Yellow Daisies and Blue Hydrangeas

This was an outdoor country wedding where we used yellow daisies as the focus flowers!

The Ceremony

The ceremony was actually on a very tall hill and when the bride told me she had church pews she wanted on top of that mountain, I just knew this wedding was going to be something special!

We lined the aisles with hay bales with mason jars full of yellow daisies and created a beautiful arch with a mix of silk and  fresh flowers and used fresh daisy heads all down the aisle

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The arch, we actually used a mixture of latex and fresh greenery and silk hydrangeas (because in this 100 degree TN weather the hydrangeas wither up and die pretty quickly) and other fresh filler flower and yellow daisies.

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The Bouquets

The flowers were a mix of some wild and yellow wildflowers and white tulips and blue hydrangeas with amaranthus. The handle was a plaid royal wrap

Heres a fresh flower tip: If you have hydrangeas that wither up the night before because of the heat you can place them upside down in a bath of cool water or sink of cool water.. the next morning they will be all back to normal. but make sure you keep them in water when not being used.. Just normal style..

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The Photography

The photography was done by Jeremy Binns Photography and was spectacular!

The Reception

The Before and After. This was a huge equipment shed on the peoples property and this was the only place large enough to hold 350-450 guests!

So I said YES lets do it, lets create a classy barn wedding!  This wedding took a full week to setup. But the befores and afters tell it all!

This was one of the focus walls .. about 20 feet tall. We had old boards that pointed to the areas.. “favors”  “Photo shoot area”
“Drinks” (old style cokes, in a drinking trough) lots of bales of hay!

What was neat is I had access to a ton of old furniture up in their attics and storage and so this is how we used them.

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Its hard to see in the night time picture.. but we had huge curtained drapes along the poles.. this created a nice entry area..

Centerpieces were little wooden boxes that we mixed silk blue hydrangeas and yellow daisies. surround by different sizes of mason jars filled with yellow daisies and candle light!


The other focal wall we did was the catering area.. this was a huge wall so we really wanted to do something special using the bales of hay and all the antiques that we had access too.. This was the before and after of the catering wall .



We created all kinds of levels behind the catering table and used furniture and antique milk jugs to decorate!

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I like the “labeling” we did for all the catering dishes.. planks of wood that we painted on!


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We had a gobo on the day floor with the new couples last name initial. And we created benches for people to sit around the dance floor with more bales of hay and it was a blast!

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The night ended with the couple doing the rice throw… a wedding we will never forget!

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