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Embassy Suites – Nashville TN – Draping

How to use 1 room for both Ceremony and Reception

How to use 1 room for both ceremony and reception

Often I would get asked by brides if it was possible to use one room to do both Ceremony and Reception in.  I think for it to go smoothly a few elements are needed. Hopefully with these pictures of a wedding that we did that exact thing, it will make sense!

First let me talk about the draping in this room.  It was the traditional hotel room.. not the kind with the high ceilings.. I would say they were about 12 feet high. and they were the drop down ceiling.. BUT the challenge we had here was not that it was just a drop down ceiling.. but it also had these areas for the movable walls that came down..

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (401 of 15)I would go in this room when I first designing and just sit in there with my drawing pad and pen and draw different ceiling drape designs and tear them up because technically looking at the ceiling it just wouldn’t work.  Putting drape on the ceiling something think is simple.. if you have watched our training videos you will see some of the challenges and ways to deal with them.. but literally after doing 100’s of ceiling drapes.. I can say there are hardly a handful of ceilings that are exactly the same.. so you have to not only be technically savvy but creative too!

So I can up with this idea of using a drop ceiling ceiling hook that had a small hole in it.. then I bought a very lightweight but sturdy wire that went through the hole and I attached it lengthwise down the room..  (If you have already bought the ceiling drape video I can better explain to you what those things are )

I then took tobacco cloth (its nearly as lightweight as tulle but provides more coverage and its around 120″ wide) and spread it out width wise over the 2 center wires and over the 2 side wires (my advice is to not drape over the top of your backdrop poles even if they go up to the ceiling.. they can pull the walls downs.. if you are not very careful.. and I say better to be safe than easy)  which the wires being like this.. and the way the drape did.. some was looser and some were tighter where the wall things came out.. but from the ground they all looked even..

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (413 of 15)
After it was done.. we added colored lighting (which is the best way to accent the tobacco cloth.. it can tend to look too casual if not)  and it was spectacular..

Combining both Ceremony and Reception

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (404 of 15)

How we accomplished the true Ceremony look…

We had the room split in half with a draped wall (backdrop) the half the room was setup with the chairs.. and behind the backdrop was the smooched reception tables completely done except for the chairs.

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (405 of 15)

At the front part of the aisle we used all the centerpieces as aisle arrangements. The tall 6 centerpieces on columns and the smaller centerpieces on the ground.. We spot lighted each column so everything was lit nicely for ceremony pictures

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (409 of 15)

In the back of the aisle we used the backdrop but had the split in the curtain then I attached to ties.. so I had 2 of my crew behind the curtain.. and the bridal party entered from one side of the hidden room and then as each person went down the aisle .. we opened up for each one..

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (411 of 15)To look was fabulous as they each walked down the aisle.. and even though we didnt do the entire aisle.. this was the part seen in all the pictures..  I would have LOVED to do the big ones all the way down.. but we had to be cautious of the brides budget also. And this worked out the best

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (414 of 15)After the Ceremony was over all the guests went out in the hallway to greet them and there was cocktails out there.. I had a crew of about 15 for the wedding and right after the ceremony was over.. had several picking up the petals and lighting and the others were moving tables and chairs and taking the aisle arrangements and putting them on the tables.

We had the large ones spread out around the room for biggest wow factor effect placing

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (406 of 15)Then the smaller alstromeria flower centerpieces in between

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (412 of 15)Turned on the lighting on the dancefloor.. and lit the candles.. all in about 20 minutes.. very proud of my crew that day.. switchovers are not easy to do..

Embassy Suites - Ceiling Draping (413 of 15)

We used uplighting in hot pink, royal purple and royal blue..

So there is your tips on how we used 1 one room to do both  a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Embassy Suites in Nashville, TN!

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