Hot Pink and Black Wedding

This was a hot pink and black wedding theme we did at the Hilton Hotel downtown Nashville

The Ceremony

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel

This was a ceremony and reception done in the same room (see the below picture) we actually had the complete reception setup and then on the right hand side of the room we put up a “fake” wall to the left of the ceremony area and we set the ceremony up here and later when they all went out into the hallway.. we took the fake wall down.. cleaned up the aisle and this side became the catering area.. it took a lot of careful planning but was flawless! 

“Fake Wall” to the left


Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-2We used giant cylinders with Fresh Flower Pink and Yellow Gerberas with spotlights on each. 80,000 Hot Pink silk petals..

Brides Bouquet


Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-14

Bridesmaids Bouquets


Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-12

Simple Flowers – Gerbera stems are very fragile so you normally want to wire them! And they DRINK the water.. so make sure you keep them in water if you are not taking pictures with them

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-10

After the Ceremony the hallway and large area was the cocktail area while we switched over the room. These are special order spandex linens (wholesaler is on our wholesale list) LOVED these linens.. so modern and sleek looking

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-11This is another thing that we did at this wedding that was a first.. we needed a simpler less messy way to do place cards.. and we came up with this! And it worked perfectly! I wrote a whole blog about the alternative to place cards (Click Here to go to that blog)

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-7This was the Reception with a custom made lounge area and dance floor

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-5This was one of my favorite lounge areas – We had done this here before with black and white.. but decided to do a custom linen for the lounge area.

How I did this was to take 2 kid tables and put them together and I got made a large linen that would stretch over both of them and then the cutout spandex linen to go over both of them.. The benches I used black drape for the bottom and then the padded seat area I just took a linen and covered it!  Now it all matched and was awesome

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-13Another fun crafty thing I did at this wedding was to create these centerpieces for the lounge tables.. since they are so big you need something large for the centerpiece.. I cut the wood and had these 12X12 wooden boxes made.. then I painted them black with a huge hot pink stripe.. then I filled it with heavy duty oasis and got several florescent light hot pink tube covers from a local lighting store and then I cut the tubes into different sizes and the votive candle fit perfectly in it.. added a few fresh flowers (with water tubes on the ends)  covered all the base up with Black shiny river rock.. wa la.. super cool candle centerpiece!

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-3

The Guest Tables had iridescent black linens with hot pink satin crossties and the chair covers were black with hot pink satin ties. The centerpieces were simply the glass giant bubble bowl and cylinders with light bases and fresh gerberas (which normally only cost $3 each) in them!  Because we had so many other dramatic focal points we did not need huge centerpieces! Turned out perfect!

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-4

Hot Pink and Black Wedding - Hilton Hotel-8Dance Floor had a gobo with their initials

The bride LOVED hot pink and she wanted it everywhere! I think we did a dandy great job at using the hot pink everywhere but it still be fabulous!

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