Millennium Maxwell House – Ceremony and Reception

This was a wedding where the setup had to be crazy fast.. We spent several weeks timing it all out to what the bride ordered. We ended up decorating the ceremony and reception with draping and everything in about 2 hours.. Organization was key!

The Ceremony

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1002

When I designed this one.. the main thing was the double swag drape at the altar area, the aisle with calla designs with lit vases going down the aisle.  I always practice a new setup and my original plan was to use all white petals for the aisle design.. a couple days before when my crew was going through a practive for the aisle I suddenly got a call.. Wendy this look like baby making things! lol We didnt want them to look like “little baby making things” so we changed the stem of the petal to green and the little center to yellow and whala no more baby making things.. they were callas!  And yes we picked out all the yellow and green petals after it was over! But this was another of my favorite aisle! Thank goodness for an incredible team!

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1001

The Reception

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1020 The location provided the chair covers, we came in with the ties.. Then did a drape around the dance floor

2 Gobos created a custom design on the dance floor. With their new last initial and a design gobo

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1019

The centerpieces: We used a combination of the giant cylinders (which was what we used down in the Ceremony aisle) and giant Bubble Bowls (16 inch) with latex giant calla lilies with light bases under all the centerpieces

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1012

The head table was gold and chocolate brown with lots of candle lights.. we did the backdrop and table draping

maxwell house nashville tn wedding decor2-1005

I was amazed that we the team did so absolutely terrific with the timing and quality of work.. just another reason why hiring a team of professionals was so important for this wedding!!!

And why as a professional.. you just cant afford to be unprepared and unorganized!

Another great wedding complete!

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