Musicians Hall of Fame Ceremony & Reception In The Same Room

I have had several brides before and even currently get brides that ask if its possible to do a Ceremony and Reception in the same area! And yes it totally is, I just think you need to be aware of every single event that is happening and make sure it all flows smoothly!

Here is an event that we did just that, at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Downtown Nashville, TN, We used 1 large room for the ceremony and reception and it worked out just fine!

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-2

This type of ceiling,where there are multiple things to attach to, are my favorite type of open ceilings to work with.  What we wanted to accomplish was to have an aisle to walk down but that it could also be transformed to a dance floor area after the Ceremony was over.

The above is the before (me standing on the stage) and this below one is me standing on the stage after. We created columns of fabric that went down both sides of the aisle and where the aisle was. that was the dance floor.

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-7186

This was from the back corner of the room.. we had the guest tables over on the side of the room.. ready to go.. we had the food table setup (back right) and the cake table already setup.. (front right corner of the room)

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-0991

Heres a little money saving tip. Sometimes the bride needs to cuts the budget so normally she wants to start cutting out the big money things and those  are the things that can really transform the room and give her the look she wants.. so I actually start by cutting the smaller things and you would be surprised how many re-vamps we can do with the small things that really add up. And the look doesn’t have to change that much at all!

One of those things was to cut out the chair covers, get resin black folding chairs and doing a chair tie only on every other one.. but as you can see.. we staggered it so you still got that feeling of red ties everywhere without them really being on every chair.. then when we moved them around the tables it was every other one at the tables also.. and if you tie it tight .. they stay up exactly how they are supposed to.. win win there.

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-0967

One of my favorite things to do is to use the giant cylinders with water and the latex orchids, romatic lighting and 80,000 petals down the aisle

I was able to keep the same look but by changing the Giant cylinders to what we call our medium cylinders I saved almost an extra $1,500. Changing the petals from fresh to silk saved almost $2,500.. and the budget was fixed!  And the look did not suffer at all!

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-

After the Ceremony was over. we simply picked up the petals and  aisle cylinders and transported the aisle vases to the tables that were ready to go.

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations--2

I love using accent fabric where ever I can. I ordered 125 yards of this deep red satin (which will be available shortly on our One Source Store!)

The 125 yards was enough to use as accent curtains and to use at the cake area (2 panels for every “curtain”). tie a simple black ribbon or black chair tie around the drape and pin the hand sewn orchids strings to finish it off.

In the giant silver vase I had 50 stems of red silk orchids and around 30-40 stems of black curly willow branch (branches we can also get for you also!  Lots of One Source Store product coming soon!)

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-3

This was the cake area.. that matched the catering area with the same satin’s and finished touches

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-0999

The cake design was simple yet stunning! smooth fondant with little flowers with bling centers.. and around 300 roses to finish off the luxurious red look.

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-5

I was getting so blingy at this wedding.. I even blinged out my two way radio!

Musicians Hall of Fame Nashville TN Wedding decorations-0982

So many times I couldn’t have done the weddings without my walkies!  Here is a must have set that you need for communicating with your crew on the wedding day!

I love black, white and red weddings.. I think the color scheme is a classic combination that will never get old or be out of style!

Please check out our other weddings on our portfolio link and dont forget everything we do, we have training videos that will teach you step by step everything from ceiling draping to how to take pictures of your event!

 Join our All Access Program today, or if you really want to get wild and crazy in learning come to one of our hands on draping workshops! Hope to hear from you soon!

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