Ostrich Feather and Peacock Wedding Themed Decorations







The Ceremony

Both the Ceremony and Reception were done in the same room. This one was at Oasis Church off Nolensville Rd in Nashville.  They had a lighting technician as part of the church package and we just told him what to do. We got peacock feather gobos for the side walls and to shine down the aisle runner.. very cool!


The Ceremony on the stage was very dramatic because of the stages height.. we had huge jewel curtains and white drapes on which we created giant peacock feather with bling center tiebacks


The Jewel curtains sparkled the entire time..


The peacock tiebacks were fabulous.. I couldnt make them until the day of because I wasnt for sure how big they needed to be.. sometimes when your working on them in front of your head they seem big but on a huge stage they may be small.. I think these ended up being around 4 feet tall.. and they were so dramatic.. perfect touch for the stage without having to use flower arrangements

I used jeweled buckles to created the bling flower in the center.


The cake table puffy barrel linen (which you can find the wholesale on our wholesale list) was a little lighter than the aqua chair ties.. so I simply took the aqua chair ties and pinned into the poofs already there.. at the top we used 3 ostrich boas and the heads of peacock feathers to tie the theme in


When the cake arrived we added the topper for even more dramatic height  and with the dance floor and stage in the background, no backdrop was needed


We had all the tables and chairs setup for the guests to set at and during the ceremony only family chairs were brought to the floor (I didnt get to get a picture of that.. but you can kinda see in the top ceremony picture).. but this is what it looked like after we moved the chairs to the family reserved tables..


I loved these centerpieces I think there was around 100 ostrich feathers and 50 peacock feathers with jewels hanging from the bottom giant silver vase rim.. with bling votive holders and stemware candles around the bottom


The table lines were black poly and the chairs at this church were oversized chairs and only spandex chair covers fit these.. (which are my favorite anyways!) and then we just used chair ties to accent the tables and the chairs.. alternating colors.. in the background you can see the simple cylinder with water.. we saved a lot of money by alternating expensive and budget centerpieces.. but the overall effect still was breathtaking


Budget Cylinder Centerpiece with floating candle and bling edging


The bouquet was white roses with bling accents throughout the bouquet with a bling handle wrap


Lighting was the key element for the dance floor


And the couples photographer was my favorite photographer.. Jeremy Binns ( My husband )

Fun Fun Fun Wedding! Loved combining the ostrich and the peacock feather centerpieces.

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  • Tamera Aponte

    Absolutely gorgeous! My favorite part of your decorations were the grand curtains and peacock tie-backs, very unique!

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