Purple Wedding – Double Swage Backdrop


The Ceremony

This was a wedding we did that the bride was very budget cautious but want to still have a dramatic impact. For the Ceremony if we would have spend her money budgeted for the Ceremony.. This huge church would have looked very empty and NOT very decorated.  Instead we chose to do nothing to the platform and use the money for the aisle!

So instead what we did is purchased 60,000 silk petals (see our wholesale list) we got them in a lighter purple and a darker plum.. You can actually order these silk petals to match the swatches that you get from Davids Bridal. They have the same names (but they cant advertise that).. So we knew we were getting the right kind of purple/plum mix.

Then instead of doing drape down the aisle.. we used chair ties.. I believe 3-4 chair ties on each end.. a few twisting tucking and then placing a single white silk hydrangea in the top.. repeating this simple setup many times.. made this aisle pop! And it didnt take a ton a budget and ANYONE can set this one up!

Then we headed to the Reception

Draping and Lighting

This ceiling was around 12 foot.. not really tall enough to do a big ceiling drape.. but we still wanting to dress that ceiling up. So we used 3 Gobos shining from different parts of the room

Another Gobo was used on the dance floor and uplighting was shining on the double swag design walls

You can really see from the before and after picture above what just draping and lighting does to a room! The double swag drape in this room was amazing and everyone kept talking about how beautiful it was!

The Centerpieces

Because again we were trying to get a dramatic look but still within a budget. We used a combination of 3 different centerpieces, that all still went well with each other.

The large Silver Vases with the latex callas (we do have a training video on how to make this one)

With the silver mint juleps with silk white hydrangeas and tons of candles

The other centerpiece was a Giant Bubble Bowl 16″ with latex callas and a light base on the bottom

Then toward the back edges we used a set of 3 mini bubble bowls with a single head of the mini latex callas..

All 3 centerpieces where in the same decorating idea, so thats how they all worked!

The Sweetheart Table

This is what you call a puffy barrel linen. This was made from a black iridescent fabric and then we accented with the chair ties.

The chair covers were black spandex and we did a front cross tie on the chair! Very pretty

the table size for this is a 45″ inch round table!

The wedding was beautiful and if your using black and purple this is great one to use for inspiration!

Wendy Binns: In demand world-wide for her remarkable skill at consistently producing over-the-top fabulous events, Wendy Binns is one of the world's leading Wedding designers. She is not only passionate about designing and creating fairy tale worthy weddings for her elite clients, but also about equipping and empowering event professionals with the knowledge and education to make their dreams come true too.
  • Lucia

    Love the bowl cala lilies in a bowl! Could you please tell me where and/or did this?

    • I actually have that information on the wholesale list (currently on sale).. after you purchase that then I give you more inside information! 🙂 there is also a training video on it! Its got some tricks if you use fresh but you can use latex callas

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