Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall – Franklin TN


Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall - Franklin


Gold and Red Wedding – Liberty Hall – Franklin, TN At The Factory

This was one of the few weddings that I did without ceiling draping. We needed something more budget friendly but still dramatic.

The room was really tall so we also wanted to do tall and short centerpieces for a dramatic effect also

These giant silver vases (which I share who the wholesaler is on our wholesale list) I used them allll the time.. they are tall enough so that whatever you put in the top is over the peoples heads and you can still see everyone.  I was wondering if the silver would clash with all the gold sticks and gold champagne linens  but they actually reflected all the candlelight and looked fabulous.


Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall - Franklin-4


We used a combination of the large centerpieces which used around 100 silk red roses and 25 latex coral orchid bloomns, gold sticks and red silk orchids.. then we put a small pinlight on each of the large centerpieces.. then to save more money instead of doing large arrangements on all the tables.. some of the tables we used the cylinders with the small JR light bases (these are NOT LED light which puts a bluish white light.. this actually gives a soft dim light that looks light candlelight)  and candles and sprinkled some fresh red petals around the base..

In the background there was a huge stage that we were not using so we setup a 12 foot backdrop accented with the same champagne iridescent gold fabric as the linens and an iridescent red fabric also.. with string lights to give it a soft glow..

Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall - Franklin-7


There were a few ugly columns that we draped (I just cant hardly do a wedding with zero draping)  with a simple column draping. (training video coming soon on that one) with string lights under that.

Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall - Franklin-11

We didnt design the cake which was simply beautiful..  This is of the custom champagne iridescent gold puffy barrel linen we got custom made to match the guest table linens

Red and Gold Reception at Liberty Hall - Franklin-10


Of course lighting to me is the finishing final factor in a wedding! I never used the bright florescent or gym type lights.. You can create the most magnificent centerpieces.. and draping.. but if you dont have the lighting right.. the mood and feeling will be completely wrong..  here you can see..  the pinlights on the large centerpieces, the gobo initial “W” on the floor with a gold swirley gobo behind that light.. We had about 20 long string lights.. that we actually used a super heavy duty magnet to attach above the stage on a large metal piece then attached the other end with zipties to the balcony railing. fairly easy.. as long as you get the super super duty magnets.. .. the lighting under the drapes on the columns and the backdrop with lighting across the back of the room.. and of course the flickering romantic candlelight everywhere! Just sooo romantic and still so dramatic!  Another one of my favorite weddings we did!

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