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Learn the Art of Draping In a Private Workshop

Wouldn’t it be great to learn exactly what you needed and wanted to know about draping in a custom designed workshop specifically tailored to you? If the answer to that is yes, then we invite you to learn the art of draping, decor, lighting, floral arranging, marketing, selling, networking or any combination of those at your very own private workshop with event designer extraordinaire Wendy Binns!

Each of our custom private workshops is a unique learning experience. They can be held at your location or ours. They can be focused on learning as much as possible within the time frame, or you can take more time perfecting your new skills by completing an actual room design to be used in your own portfolio. Not interesting in learning about floral arrangements? No problem, you’ll be able to invest additional time perfecting your other skills. Want to spend time learning how to sell like a pro? Again, no problem! Wendy will show you her very own tips and techniques for closing the deal on those big money events!

The private workshop is an outstanding opportunity for a new designer to step onto the stage as a serious event designer. It’s also an excellent way an established designer to elevate your product offering and increase your sales. If you’re ready to grow your event business, then a private workshop is the perfect option for you!

To find out more about private workshops, contact Wendy directly at or you can also text us: 615-967-1793

Private Workshop Details

Investment: The investment amount in a private workshop is $2,500. This covers the entire two day workshop (8 hours per day). Since each workshop is custom designed for what you’d like to learn, we choose the venue based on those desires – so those venue fees apply as well. Occasionally we are able to negotiate with locations to get spectacular rental rates, however this is not a guarantee. It’s one of the elements that is fluid with each workshop.


    • Our location – We are located in Tennessee approximately 45 minutes from Nashville. It’s a beautiful place to visit and to learn, so if your family wants to come along for the trip, they’ll have plenty to see and do while you’re mastering your new skills.
    • Your location – We often travel to client locations to conduct private workshops. Although there are additional travel fees associated with this, many clients have found ways to incorporate their workshop into actual events to offset those costs. Additionally, you’ll be learning the new techniques in a venue that you’ll be visiting again in the future. This is a great way to market yourself with a location, or if you have your own location, it’s a great way to show just how beautiful it can be!

How Many Can Attend: The private workshops are limited to one or two attendees, and special rates are available if you would like to attend a private workshop with a friend, fellow designer, or perhaps your spouse. We sometimes make exceptions to the two person limit if everyone attending is from the same company or family. Just contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Booking and Scheduling: If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re ready to help you do it! Contact us by email at or via text message at 615-967-1793 and Wendy will personally respond to your inquiry and start planning your very own custom private workshop!

From Wendy: “I look forward to meeting you soon! Training is my passion, and it was something when I first started out,I would have given anything for someone to train me like I train my students. No one would share techniques or wholesale places or anything and the only other training school I could find, cost more than I was charging for events.. So it was very hard for me when I first started out. I would beg the local florists, please I’ll work for free just let me learn and they would not… and I had to learn everything I do, on my own. I would take a picture of it and if it didn’t look good in the picture, the next event I would do something different, until it looked good. THAT is my learning that I did. The Trial and Error school. After 15 years later I still own a draping company and love doing it, but when I first started I said if I ever learn this I want to share with other designers like me that no one would teach, I want to teach and share and do what others would not do for me. I say what I do now is easy, once you learn the technique and have the right products. I am sure I don’t always do it perfect, but I will openly and honestly share with you what I know. I love meeting new designers and I love teaching what I know, it is my passion! And I feel like I’m being a blessing and THAT is a good feeling!”

See you soon!

Wendy Binns

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