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Wholesale List – $200 Access Fee

Have Access To All The Great Wholesale Places for just $200 access fee

Note: After purchase you will be able to view it under the All Access membership Link / then go to the all access wholesale list link and it will appear after your user name and password have been set up (normally at the end of purchase is where you set up the user name and password).. You can log in 24 hours a day to view it.. after we add additional wholesale places.. we will send out a blog / newsletter that will let you know!  You’ll love it!


What is the Complete Insiders Wholesale list?

When I first started our wedding business it was like all the wedding businesses that I knew keep their secret places that they use, under lock and key and no one would share with me.. so everytime we did a wedding and the caterer or other decorators brought in something cool.. I would either ask for the info or look on the bottom of the box! (You know you do it too!)  Our wholesale list is a list of all those places I found in the last 13 years! Every time we go to a convention or I meet with our planners who share information, I’ll add it here and after you buy it once, you dont have to buy it again.. simply log in and view the updated places..

Do they ship all over the world?

Most of them do! There are a LOT of companies on this list but most of them will ship worldwide! It is worth the money spent definitely.. I have emails and texts that say.. Wendy I’m in wedding heaven.. this is amazing.. this list is like finding a treasure! You wont be disappointed!


How do I know what each place offers and what to buy there?

I have and am still updating the wholesale list with “Wendy notes” so you know for example: ” .. this a cheap place for linens but not great quality.. this is where to buy the backdrop uprights.. but dont buy the fabric there its too thick.. buy the fabric here…  this is where you buy the bling curtains.. this is the best place for silver vases and this is the size i recommend because the smaller size the arrangement will be in peoples faces.. ) So I really try to add pictures and notes so you know exactly what to look for and which wholesale places..   Its very much worth the money!

Lets buy it now!

You’ll click the add to cart, then create an account with a user name and password and then after purchase, just log in at the top left hand of the website and then under the All Access membership/All access wholesale list.. it will automatically show up!



Heres a sample of the different wholesale sections online 

Draping Fabric Wholesalers

Paper Lanterns Wholesaler

 Linen Wholesaler (Tablecloths, Spandex and other types of chair covers, Damask overlays.. etc)

 Silk Petal Wholesaler

 Stage Props, film and video supplies Wholesaler

– tassels and fringe and trim Wholesaler

(Products, Supplies) and Catering Silver Dishes

Backdrops Poles, Crossbars, and Bases

Centerpiece Products (Vases, Sticks, Silk Flowers..etc)

 Columns (Lightweight Resin) –

 Ribbon Wholesalers

 find a fresh flower wholesaler in your local area

 fresh orchid wholesaler

 BLING products (bouquet jewels, jeweled curtains, chandeliers, single jewels and beads

resale the wedding products that you have already used

link to the best place to turn your iphone or use a computer to accept credit cards

link to get business cards and full color brochures at a great rate! (And great quality)

Where to get the best hosting for the startup of your website.. (Basic instructions on how to set one up)

Where to get website templates for a reasonable rate

Where to get professional art albums of your work created for a sales tool

 lighting places (and recommended products to start out with) (Lighting companies with great customer support also)

Wholesale place to get Gaffer Tape

 centerpiece uplighting (This is not LED lights, this is the real natural look centerpieces)

Favors and other things

 Tradeshows to attend

 links for Cake Jewelry

 carpet ideas for your bridal show booth

double sided carpet tape that does not leave residue

business cards and Banner with Stand that is of great quality

 link to rent chairs and barstools from online

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